Montazeri Hospital

Martyr Mohammad Montazeri Najaf Abad Hospital The hospital was founded in 1347 with a capacity of 25 beds and more patients Stable You have to accept . […]
بیمارستان کوثر

Kowsar Hospital

Kowsar Hospital Fars Heart Foundation donors to aim high and help fellow human Kosar hospital, he began to build in 1376. In September 1384 the first phase […]
بیمارستان اردیبهشت

Ordibehesht Hospital

Ordibehesht Hospital The hospital with the participation of distinguished professors and experts in an area of about 22,000 square meters of Medical Sciences and 10,000 square meters […]
بیمارستان خصوصی فرهمندفر

Private hospital Frhmndfr

Private hospital Frhmndfr The hospital is located in Fars province, Shiraz city hospital with a capacity of 58 beds and private treatment which was founded in the […]
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