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Health tourism Iran

Health tourism is one of the largest tourism industries due to the combination of two world-class travel and medical industries. According to the definitions of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), one of the goals that can inspire the traveler to travel is to travel for health.What is meant by health tourism. In fact, health tourism is a kind of tourism that lasts for more than 24 hours and less than a year in order to maintain, improve and regain the physical and mental health of a person. In this way, a health traveler can travel from a permanent place of his life to a healthcare destination to gain his physical and mental health. It is interesting to know that health tourism in Iran dates back to 2003, when the Ministry of Health paid attention to health tourism for the very first time in Iran; however, the Ministry of Health was more concerned with the issue of job creation for medical graduates, rather than the boom of health tourism.But from the year 2004 and right after the integration of the Cultural Heritage Organization and the Tourism and Tourism Organization of Iran, therapeutic tourism was created independently in Iran and became more prominent. The cost of treatment is cheaper, in most cases the cost of treatment in Iran compare to Europe is like 1 tp 10, the high quality of medical equipment as well as the availability of doctors are among the most important factors in attracting foreign patients to healthcare in Iran.

Competitive Advantages of Iran

Tourist Attractions

Ancient history and rich culture along with the four seasons of the country have made Iran one of the top 10 countries in the field of tourist attractions that can increase the attractiveness of the medical tourism in Iran.

Appropriate price

The cost of medical services in Iran is much lower compared to developed countries and competitive compared to developing countries. The main reason for this is the weakness of Iran's currency against the dollar.

Scientific progress

Iranian scholars and researchers in many disciplines, such as infertility and stem cell therapies in the world, hold seats and Iran is moving forward in some medical disciplines on the frontiers of knowledge.

High Quality

Iran has high quality hospitals that use high-tech equipment and provide high-quality medical and beauty services. (Focus on the private sector)

SalamatPeymaApadana corporation

TheSalamatPeymaApadana corporation is one of the most successful companies in the field of health tourism. The company, with the experience and strength of its forces, has been able to attract the customers' satisfaction.The goal of this company is to introduce Iranian doctors and quality hospitals to attract patients who are going to travel to receive medical, therapeutic and beauty services and at the same time, they like to explore Iran and enjoy its natural and historic sites. The SalamatPeymaApadana corporation is trying to use the best and most advanced hotels and vehicles to receive health tourists and their entourage so that tourists Have fun and enjoy your journey.

The most excellent treatment centers have been treated by our guests

The treaty clinics have provided us with the most advanced facilities in the world at the with the level-one medical specialists to provide healthcare at the best of hospitals, laboratories and clinics at the Apadana Healthcare Company.
بیمارستان اردیبهشت

Ordibehesht Hospital

Ordibehesht Hospital The hospital with the participation of distinguished professors and experts in an area of about 22,000 square meters of Medical Sciences and 10,000 square meters […]
بیمارستان کوثر

Kowsar Hospital

Kowsar Hospital Fars Heart Foundation donors to aim high and help fellow human Kosar hospital, he began to build in 1376. In September 1384 the first phase […]

Montazeri Hospital

Martyr Mohammad Montazeri Najaf Abad Hospital The hospital was founded in 1347 with a capacity of 25 beds and more patients Stable You have to accept . […]

The best hotels are welcomed by guests of the Apadana Healthcare Company

Our hotels have received the international system standards at 4 and 5 stars, These hotels offer the best service to their guests,The area and location of the hotel and its business and management affairs are managed in the best conditions, Therefore, there is always a happy smile at the Apadana Healthcare Company.
هتل آسمان

Isfahan Aseman Hotel

Isfahan Aseman Hotel Top four-star Aseman hotel, which is one of the tallest buildings of historical city of Isfahan, was opened in the vicinity of the beautifulZayandeRud […]
هتل ستارگان شیراز

Stars hotel in Shiraz

Stars hotel in Shiraz Star hotel is one of the new four-star hotel in the north of the city, located in Boulevard freedom, close to tourist attractions, […]
هتل هما شیراز

Homa Hotel Shiraz

Homa Hotel Shiraz Shiraz Homa luxury five-star hotel near Freedom Park, in a green and quiet spot with beautiful views of the city and overlooking gardens in […]

Tourist Attractions

Iran, with its four-story nature, an ancient history and a hospitable people, embraces those who like to look at the beauties and purify the soul into pure climate to polish the soul and increase the power of combating diseases. Always live in health and well-being.
کویر چوپانان

Desert shepherds

Desert shepherds One of the unknown Desert in Isfahan, around the sand and can not easily traveled to the rural area with the same name is located […]
دروازه قرآن

Quran Gate

Quran Gate Karim Khan Zand era and to order, the protection of the reign of Constabulary soldiers Diyalameh the strait known as the “tight Allahu Akbar” with […]
حمام شیخ بهایی

Sheikh Baha’i bathroom

Sheikh Baha’i bathroom Sheikh Baha’i city’s most famous bath shower, Sheikh Baha’i (d. 1030 AH) 1025 BC during the reign of Shah Abbas, designed and built. Historical […]
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